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Queenie Sandy Cook  43 lbs_

Queenie - Dam 43 lbs.

Litter Born 10/17/22

Going Home Date 12/10/22

Mr. Light Blue

Mr. Light Blue Collar

Reserved - Cook Family (NC)

Mr. Dark Green Collar Queenie & Rusty Red 2022

Mr. Dark Green Collar

Reserved - Newsome Family (GA)

Mr. Tan Collar

Mr. Tan Collar "Pepsi"

Reserved - Matthew Family (NC)

Rusty Red on vacation

Rusty Red - Sire

 52 lbs.

Mr. Yellow Collar

Mr. Yellow Collar

Reserved - Taptich Family (PA)

Miss Teal Collar

Miss Teal Collar

Reserved - Howard Family (NC)

Miss Pink Collar

Miss Pink Collar

Reserved - Makela Family (NC)

Mr. Red Collar

Mr. Red Collar

Reserved - Stone Family (NC)

Updated 11/29/22

Lady Milkshake Cook

Lady Milkshake  

Dam 40 lbs.

Rusty Red on vacation

Rusty Red - Sire

 52 lbs.

Date Born 11/1/22

Going Home Christmas Time!

Males & Females

Currently Available for Christmas!

Boys 11/29/22


  1. Price Family (NC)

  2. Barron Family (NC)

  3. Smith Family (NC)

  4. Currently Available

Girls 11/29/22


  1. Currently Available

  2. Currently Available

  3. Currently Available

  4. Currently Available

Males Updated 11/29/22

Females Updated 11/29/22

Full Litter Updated 11/29/22

Big Mamma Nyla & Rusty Red

Big Mama Nyla & Rusty Red puppy
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Puppies come with full AKC & CKC registration, health guarantee, nose-to-tail vet health check, fully dewormed & up-to-date on vaccines. We also include a blanket from home with scents of mom and litter mates, collar & a small pack of food.         

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Please schedule your pickup or delivery time for Friday or Saturday!

Please advise if you would like your puppy's face shaved and/or microchipped at least a day before pickup or delivery. 

   Please make final payment at pickup via cash,

or cashier's check payable to Ted Cook.  

Apricot Standard Poodle
black standard poodle

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apricot standard poodle
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